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  1. Hello man, i`m looking at your website and wanted to ask you for your help
    I’m quite new in all this world of programming (C or any other language) and my boss is asking me for a restaurant application (example) with this Vega5000.
    IĀ“d like to ask you if there’s a chance you can share with me your app or give me an idea on how to develop one !
    Thank you so much
    -Luis M

    1. Luis,

      Unfortunately, the application I developed was under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so I can’t send it.

      But check out the examples in the Vega5000 SDK. They should really help a lot. Also, check the API documentation, also available on the SDK CD.

  2. Hi there,

    where did you get your Vega5000? I have been talking to Castles sales people for some time and nobody seems to be able to get one unit. Also, I ask them if they are willing to provide documentation for the SDK and simulator, but that one is without any answer šŸ™

    Can you provide some pointers on how to get one unit for testing and possibly where to get the SDK?

    Thank you!


    1. Martin,

      We bought it from Castles Technologies (

      We asked for a development unit, and received a VEGA5000 + base + serial cable, however, it was not free. After ordering the dev unit, we received FTP details for getting the SDK, html documentation & examples.

      Our contact at that time: Tess Hsu (tess_hsu AT castech DOT com DOT tw)

      We didn’t have a lot of problems, unit shipped within 2 weeks. We had to sign an NDA before we received the unit, but that’s quite normal.

      Support for the VEGA5000 development went initially via Tess, and afterwards directly via an engineer.

      Hopefully this information has helped you a bit.

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